• Wendy Alec

Your Destiny Is Coming

When Joseph was in Prison

None of us, until we reach Heaven, will know or understand the seasons Joseph must have gone through. Imagine, he was promised that his gift of dream interpretation would be remembered and mentioned before Pharaoh, but then that promise was forgotten. He had to continue on with no idea how long he would stay confined in captivity. This was already after he had been thrown into the pit by his brothers. His multicolored coat was a gift from his father, signifying the incredible and huge destiny on his life—his God-given and ordained mantle.

Many of us find ourselves in similar situations, presently standing on, or clinging on, what feels like our last breath. We're walking, one foot in front of the other, each day wondering: "Is this the day? Is this the day of release when all God's promises and suddenlies will manifest?"

Then, waking up in the morning and once again, the captivity is still there. So we cry out to God for His infinite grace. We cry out to the Father for more courage and for more strength to face (and continue walking through) those things in our lives. Things in the natural are threatening to crush our souls, yet, we walk one more step and take one more deep breath. (Photo via Unsplash)

But today, oh such beloved hearts, I hear the Father saying:

I Have Heard Your Cries

"Oh beloved, beloved struggling one, your cries have reached My altar. They have rent the heavens and as I look down upon your weary heart, Heaven is filled with uproarious joy.

"Dust off the multicolored mantle I have given you. For even as Joseph's suddenly manifested, your destiny, your journey of such incredible faith and fortitude is ever before Me. And your determination—even in the days of greatest weakness—rises up before My throne as a beautiful fragrance.

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"...and said, 'Cornelius, God has heard your prayer and remembered your gifts to the poor'" (Acts 10:31).

"Even as with Cornelius' alms (gifts), I am always, always in remembrance of you. And yes, I have heard your cry, 'How long God? How long? It seems the prison walls are closing in on me.' And here is My promise to you today or weary beloved one:

"If Joseph had been released from prison in his time, the time he asked to be remembered before Pharaoh, he would have been released. But released as an ordinary man and gone about his business. But I, the I AM, the One who ordained him, who called him, who appointed him unto a great and incredible destiny—had to ensure that he was passed over and seemingly forgotten or else his destiny would have been aborted.

"And so, he continued day by day overlooked—seemingly passed over. Such hope that had arisen in his heart was deferred, left to the day-to-day, living with unfulfilled destiny in his heart and the passion of My promises burning in his bones.

Your "Pharaoh" and Destiny Will Intersect

"For I had every day of Joseph's life written in his life-scroll. And I knew the exact day, the precise hour, the exact moment, when destiny would converge. So I had to ensure that while Joseph cried out to Me, 'Your promise, Father...release me!'—that it was in that holy vortex where Joseph's destiny and his apostolic mantle to deliver Egypt—would intersect. Therefore, he seemed forgotten.

For I knew there was another day. A day marked in Heaven. A day marked in destiny when Pharaoh's heart was ready to be moved. And so, Joseph came before Pharaoh and he was appointed as second in command to Pharaoh—the deliverer of Egypt. (Photo via Unsplash)

"And so it is with so many of you, beloved. Your suddenly awaits you—your heavenly intersection of timing. Your 'Pharaoh' and destiny will suddenly intersect and oh what rejoicing you will have! Oh, hold on beloved. Hold on beloved. Hold on to Me.

"For your suddenly time of destiny will not evade you. It is on its way. It is coming. It is coming and all of Heaven rejoices—rejoices! And I will do things in a day that you have waited for years to manifest. And you shall lift up your head and your eyes to Me, the great Lover of your soul."

"Love, Your Abba Father." Wendy Alec Founder, God TV Facebook Page

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