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Broadcast 2 Jan @ 1030 AM Guest Teri Secrest & Destiny Arising!

Dr. Theresa Phillips and her guest, Teri Secrest will discuss current prophetic words concerning Entrepreneurs, opportunities, mom-and-pop stores, family businesses, and what's in store for 2018.

Teri Secrest is a highly successful entrepreneur with 35 years of business experience. She is a woman of great faith who believes it is our birthright to live and work in joy. With a keen eye for helping individuals identify and expand their natural gifts and talents, Teri activates people toward success.

Teri is a sought after international keynote speaker and inspiring leadership trainer. With her background as a natural health author and researcher, Teri draws on her vast knowledge base to help audiences combine a healthy lifestyle with healthy thinking to obtain maximum life results. Her contagious enthusiasm for life propels audiences forward on an exciting journey toward their destiny.

Are you ready to live life to the fullest? Are you willing to let go of the limiting thought patterns that have held you back? Are you ready to experience more joy now?

Invite Teri Secrest for a weekend of transformation in your business, church, or organization and find out why everyone who hears her speak is totally blown away!

Then Nancy Slocum will join them as they share about the upcoming Destiny Arising Mini-Summit in the Chicagoland area. It's the perfect event to start your year off right! Please note the time and adjust for your time zone: 12 pm Eastern / 11 am Central / 9 am Pacific We are so happy that you are going to join us. Whether you watch LIVE or you catch the replay in the private Facebook group, you are going to be richly blessed. Generally, a few days after the broadcast, Dr. Theresa posts the video into the Facebook group for approximately 24 hours. You can request to join the group here:

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