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Word for 2018 David Tomberlin

Word for 2018

Every year I normally take time to seek the Lord and ask for a message or word that will be a body-wide encouragement that will help direct believers into the new year with an excitement and focus. I also hope it will provide some prayer targets and be instructional for folks as they enter to new year as I share the Lord's heart with them. Some years I have a general sense, some I have a clear and direct word from the Lord. This year I had not even begun to ask the Lord for the yearly word and He spoke it to my heart. He said, "2018 will be the year of Dominion. " Let me preface this by saying, like all words this word is for people who will believe it and act on it. Almost all words are subject to obedience, faith and a right heart. This word is no exception.

Dominion means to control or rule. Its where we get the words dominate or domocile from. I beleive this is the year that the Lord will release the rulership in the earth that the Lord has ordained for the Body of Christ. Jesus said that He has been given ALL authority in Heaven and on earth and that in the same way the Father sent Him so he sent out His disciples. Jesus had all the authority there was to have and He gave that to His disciples. I believe this year He is releasing the manifestation of that authority on earth to the Body of Christ.

Sadly much of the body of Christ has become so effeminate that words like dominion, control or rulership can often be taken as a negative or "religious". We know that male and female came from God, so His attributes include what we would understand as male and female characteristics. Today many avoid what I like to call the "masculine" side of God, confronting, contending, ruling, rebuking and reigning. They instead opt for the "feminine" attributes of the Lord like nurturing, tenderness, gentleness etc. There is nothing wrong with the "feminine" characteristics of God, in fact they are desperately needed. But there is something wrong with being lopsided and allowing for only some aspects of the Personality and Person of the Lord to come through. We need to embrace and walk in all characteristics of God for the Glory of God to truly manifest on earth. Jesus didn't have a confidence problem, neither should we. We should boldly let all aspects of God's character shine through.

Cultural Background

For the last several decades in the Western world been an "attack" on men. This attack has sought to dishonor and devaluing their place and roll in society. The same spirit that caused Jezzebel to dishonor and manipulate Ahab is alive and well in the church and Western Culture today. "Too much testosterone in the room" and similar demeaning comments have become a mainstay in our culture. Unfortunately, many in the church have adopted that approach equating masculinity with negativity so they only feel permission to embrace the more "feminine" side of the Lord. A popular church speaker was recently asked his view on abortion, he hemmed and hawed and dodged the question. In a different setting he was asked about racism and he spoke boldly because that was a popular subject in his community. Of course we shouldn't be shy to speak against racism, but the point is that he was playing politics, being a puppet of the culture instead of changing it. What happens then is that we loose the idea of dominion, authority and ruling and reigning. We cease to take ground. Therefore we go backwards instead of forwards, the church crumbles and the enemy reigns. This is why dominion is so important.


I believe this year the church will begin to get in touch with its masculine side. The weak and lazy man's theology of "it will happen if it is the Lord's will" will be replaced by strong leaders and leadership, aggressive ,proactive faith and unapologetic preaching. "Taking the Kingdom by force" will resurge will happen as we step in to our place of ruling and reiging. Authority will be reestablished.

I believe the backbone will come back to the body of Christ and preachers will worry more about offending God than man. I've learned that when you care too much about other peoples opinion that no one cares what you think, but if you say what you really believe then people will actually be interested in what you think. Its the President Trump effect. People listen to him, largely because they know He will say what he really feels. So many cheap grace, tickling ear prophets today teach lies so people will like them, or because they are effeminate, not affirmed in their masculinity. So many think thier compromised gospel is "cutting edge" or "progressive" when the truth is that many time its their fear of confrontation and their desire to gain popularity. They want to 'fit it". They have adopted western cultural values instead of the values of the Kingdom of God.

Release of the Glory

We have cried out for the anointing, but it will not rest on people pleasing, hell denying, cheap grace, tickling ear prophets. The anointing comes when the Truth is preached and the preacher is unconcerned about even his very life. God won't endorse a half or feel good gospel. Signs and wonders are to "confirm the word", but where the gospel has been neutered the miracles won't flow. The whole Gospel must be preached, not just the parts that feel good or please our sensibilities. Then the Lord will put His stamp of approval by releasing miracles, signs and wonder.

We, the church, are called to rule and reign on this earth, to take dominion, to have authority. Instead we have often backed down, cowered, been politically correct, sought to people please or be the 'cool guy." The Lord wants to raise up men and women who understand the power and authority of the Kingdom and are willing to pay the price to carry His Presence, miracles, signs and wonders.

Jesus said," If by the finger of God I cast out devils, then know the Kingdom of God has come upon you." The rule and reign or Kingdom of God came, then God's dominion came. The will of the Father

was done through Jesus, by Jesus having authority, taking control, proactively doing what the Father called Him to do. He came to destroy the works of the devil. This won't happen by pastors who are more concered about looking like a boy band member than preaching a prophetic message that cuts like a sword in the Spirit and brings the dominion that God is calling His church to walk in.

Some things to expect when we step into our rightful place of dominion.

1. Relational order. God will bring about the right relationships in family, ministry and business. Alighnment will come in ministry where those called to follow you will come and those you are to submit to and be a covering for you will be provided. Missionary dating will end and God's choice for your relationships will come.

2. Financial order. Christians and ministries are called to flourish financially. This is not to discourage anyone struggling financially, but to bring hope to those in that situation. The bible promises as we honor the Lord through generous giving that we will be "made rich in EVERY way, so that we can be generous on every occasion." Ministries will be on their knees asking God for wisdom with what to do with the abundance of finances coming. Christian business people will be elevated in this hour and move from millions to billions at a rapid rate. This will be a result of dominion.

3. Spiritual Dominion. Jesus only struggled in His ministry in Nazareth, His home town. This was caused by lack of honor and a spirit of familiarity. I beleive as we step into dominion the lower operation of the gifts will cease and the truly awe inspiring signs and wonders, miracles and healings will gradually come up to a biblical level and beyond. I beleive many will begin to step into the greater works. Devils will tremble in the presence of beleivers and not the other way around.

4. Identity. Today so many have a hard time knowing who they are. There is so much confusion on the earth. People are confused and embracing confusion to the point of insanity. Our world has gone mad. Alot of that has to do with people not really understanding their position, privalege and responsiblities of being a child of God. If the church doesnt know who we are in God, how could we expect the world to have any understanding of their identity. As we begin to walk in dominion people will understand their identity in Christ like never before, we will properly relate to the Father and walk in confidence.

5. Discipline. As I travel around the world I meet all kinds of people. Most are nice, kindhearted sincere people. But I would regretfully say many if not most are not progressing in their faith and taking new ground. Year after year I see many of the same people hovering around the same level spiritually, dealing with the same problems, fighting the same devils. One couple that I knew on the east coast would say every year "this year the Lord was really going to launch them out in ministry." I tried to teach them how to be proactive and disciplined and begin working hard to build their ministry. They seemed to think that they needed another prophetic word from this prophet or that, or if this person laid hands on them that was the ticket. I told them they needed to develope a mailing list and a website, instead they opted for another vile of annoiting oil from Israel or the latest doctrinal fad. Year after year they talked big and delivered small and their lives didn't have the impact that it could because they weren't disciplined. They used the Holy Spirit as an escuse for their flakiness and never grew. Discipline is the missing ingredient in the Body of Christ today. When Dominion comes it will demand discipline because the Kingdom is a fast moving train. Today when leaders call for discipline they are labled "religious or controlling." Scripture teaches that being disciplined is a key to life in God. Dominion will ressurect that idea.

6. Suddenlies. When dominion comes judgement and grace come with a fereocity. I have seen it happen in my nearly 2 decades of ministry. I have seen people propelled beyond their wildest dreams and I have seen judgement come like a wrecking ball. To whom much is given much is required. Ananias and Saphirah misrepresented an offering. They didnt steal, they gave, but they had an agenda. They were quickly judged. In a time of Dominion everything happens quickly and ferociaously, its a good time to remember that the fear of the Lord is the begining of wisdom. Suddenlies of judgement and grace come at the speed of corespinding measure of the level of God"s Presence and anointing that is being poured out. Domionon bring great blessing and also swift judgement.

David Tomberlin

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