Taking Hold Of God's Promises in 2018

Influencing Culture

2018 will be a year when prophecies that were spoken—and in some cases forgotten—will begin to manifest in each sphere of culture. Prophetic promises that have been orbiting our lives, some for centuries, will now be called to Earth to define a new reality and usher in a new future.

I read an interesting article about satellites that became the ignition point for this word. Since the launch of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 1 in 1957, over 6,000 satellites have been sent into orbit above Earth by various nations. These satellites have served purposes relating to navigation, communication, defense and research. They have literally influenced each sphere of culture.

Today, we refer to these spheres of influence as the 7 mountains of culture – Government, Religion, Education, Economy, Arts/Entertainment, Media and Family. Of the 6,000 satellites launched since 1957, only 3,600 remain in orbit, and just a small number of those are still able to fulfill their original purpose. Once these satellites lose their power, they become defined as space debris continuing in a lifeless orbit until they fall back to Earth and are destroyed through reentry.

Confirming Prophetic Words

Many of us have prophesied words of hope and transformation over the years. At times, it seems as if we have been repeating ourselves, issuing similar words that can appear to the critic as unnecessary repetition. This repetition is actually part of the process of prophetic confirmation. God no longer only speaks through a single prophet to a nation. Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy and all who call Him Lord will release the sound of His voice from every corner of culture. It only makes sense that many will utter the same prophetic substance.

Like orbiting satellites assigned to fulfill a particular task, so it is with prophetic words. A variety of words containing similar elements are attached to each promise waiting for its moment of fulfillment. God's words never return empty. They are currently orbiting over every challenge we face waiting for the perfect timing of God to signal their release.

There is a vast difference between satellites and a word from God. Prophetic words never become obsolete falling back to Earth disempowered. They retain the same power and purpose given to them on the day of their release as they will possess on the day of their final delivery. We are literally surrounded by a prophetic beehive of promise circling the Earth – each one containing an undying supernatural potential. These prophecies will never run out of power or purpose. As they orbit our lives, they are waiting for the command of God as their summons to arrive on Earth and release their promise.

As I pondered the coming year and the fulfillment of the prophetic words already released, the Lord spoke to me about the promises yet to be fulfilled that have been orbiting around our lives and particularly around the summits of the 7 mountains of culture. We have entered a moment in time where it will be vital for us to press in and take hold of what God has already promised.

Landing Zones for Your Prophetic Promises

As I considered what this meant the Lord began to speak:

"I have created landing zones on the summits of your culture for the prophetic promises I have asked you to declare. This is the time for you to go to these places of faith and call forth what you have prophesied. You have faithfully spoken these words in the middle of ridicule and growing cynicism.

"I am assigning these orbiting prophetic promises to arrive on Earth with the mission to release a supernatural transformation. These prophetic promises have a single commonality in their mission: they will bring Heaven to Earth.

"In faith, I am calling you to go and stand on these landing zones on the summit of your mountain of cultural influence. This is the time for you to recall and re-engage each promise I have asked you to release. Orbiting promises are waiting to make reentry. Raise your eyes to the heavens and begin to prophesy their arrival."

"Through faith's power, they conquered kingdoms and established true justice. Their faith fastened onto their promises and pulled them into reality!" (Hebrews 11:33, The Passion Translation)

Garris Elkins, Author and Prophetic Minister Prophetic Horizons Contact info@prophetichorizons.com www.garriselkins.com

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