De-Clutter December!

God has been showing me 1111, 1;11 everyday for over a year. I See it everywhere, on everything. Now, He is waking me up at 1:11am and He has a couple times this last week. I recognize that He is speaking and that I am in transition as are many others seeing those same numbers. So, I take special notice now when He wakes me up. Last night I woke up at 1:10am and smiled because I was early. So, I laid there praying and asking God what He wanted to share with His people. I heard, “De-Clutter December.”

Quickly the Holy Spirit began to speak, and He said, “My people need to declutter some things from their life and make way for the new that I desire to bring to them. What I have cannot share the same space as anything from the previous season.”

De-Clutter definition ;(remove unnecessary items, from an untidy or overcrowded place). Friends, we have a few weeks left of this month and then we will be entering a brand-New Year. Many people start thinking about their New Year’s Resolutions, and getting a fresh start. It’s as if Jan 1st holds some mystical powers that makes everything from the previous year vanish. And while its good to have goals and things we want to do NEXT year. God is asking us to finish this year strong. He is asking us to tie up loose ends and begin to declutter things from our lives.

There is something amazing about starting over or starting fresh. God wants us to do this too, that’s one of the reasons He died for us. To give us NEW life. However, a new life requires a letting go of certain people, places and things, even bad mindsets. Most of us have a tough time staying focused in an untidy space. You can easily get overwhelmed by it. Right now, I have such an urgency to get things in order. To declutter my home, get rid of stuff I no longer need. But it is not just our homes that need to be decluttered, but even our thought life, what we think about, what we focus on. Our minds have become (overcrowded) Many of us can no longer focus on Godly things as we are too consumed by worries of the world, past mistakes and heartaches and the stress that we carry. Its time to declutter.

Some of us, need to declutter our friends list, our music list, our movie list, our refrigerators and pantries from all the junk! We need to make room for the GOOD things that God wants to bring us. If our lives are so full of things we no longer need or can no longer use, we will have no usable space for good things. So, I challenge you today, begin thinking about next year, by preparing for it NOW! —Not in January.

Start making room for what God wants to do. Finish up things you started this year. Pray and ask God what things to keep and what things to let go of. Some of you have relationships and alignments that no longer serve you. Some may not even be bad relationships, but just their season has ended. You need to be obedient when He says, “let go.” You need to be obedient when He says, “that’s enough.” You need to be obedient when He says, “will you trust me?” Friends, 2018 is going to be “The Year of the Door,” Many new things, many new opportunities, many new changes will be taking place and ‘Doors’ will be opened to those who have been obedient in the previous season. Don’t delay your promise tomorrow, by ignoring His words today.

Isaiah 43:19

Prayer; Father please help me to get rid of things I no longer need and to release people no longer necessary in my life. Help me to trust you in this New season and to be obedient with what you are asking me to do. I can easily get overwhelmed and I ask that you give me peace and help me to stay focused on the important things. My life feels hard right now, but I know that you are good and that you have better things ahead for me. Help me to trust you. Please also, help me to declutter my life and to prepare for the new things you have for me in 2018. In Jesus name, Amen.

Gypsy Dallas Smith


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