A New Production Line to Be Revealed

Change is upon us. We can feel it, touch it and sense it, because it is so close. We know that we know that we know, a major seismic shift is about to happen. We have been feeling movement and preliminary vibrations for weeks, if not months, now. Everyone is talking, so, what is going on? We all know that God has been preparing us spiritually thru His Prophetic Words, His teachings, thru learning and knowing the times and the seasons we are walking in. Now, we are shifting from Awake, Alert and Aware to Arise, Act and Advance. We are transitioning out of the old mindset and into the new. Little bit by little, layers are coming thru. But that is not all there is. No, there is much more. That which tried to delay, damage, defeat, depress, displace and destroy you, God is rising you up and has really been in the process of strengthening you. And many that thought they had been passed by or were way behind are suddenly going to be propelled up in Him. Its called promotion, but more than that, its a divine acceleration. God is getting many of you ready to be saturated in His Presence and have more Heavenly encounters, while others will go between the Wings of the Cherubin. God is about to introduce His new line. (Assembly) And those that did everything they could by keeping your well capped or from allowing others to see the depth of it, are going to see what happens, when God supernaturally uncovers and uncaps your well in this season. He is going to do what He said. They have not seen anything, yet. In the terms of the oil industry or Texas Terminology, its called a "Wildcatter", a gusher that cant be contained. The power, when released, is so intense it cant be capped, is one of seismic proportion. A wildcatter is usually a well that is too risky for investment. Most are passed by and overlooked, by investors, because the risk outweighs the possibility of paying the investment, by a long shot. But this is the hour snd nothing is impossible with God. This is what God is revealing to me, in this pivitol hour, as we transition from 2017 to 2018. His Wildcatters are rising up and about to explode a "fresh new oil" to a people, a world and land, that desperately needs the refreshing it produces. And at the same time, the enemy will be completely blindsided, because he never saw what was coming. God hid these hidden ones in a secret place for a season and for some, many seasons, it seemed. They have been advancing the Kingdom, for years, behind the scenes. Now, these Wildcatters are coming on the scene to advance the Kindom of God on the frontlines. They will push thru that which needs to be broken forh and they will build up that which God called them to establish. Dont be surprised. Soon you are going to see these Wildcatters begin to pop up everywhere, like oil wells, until it becomes the norm. The pressure is building and release is iminent.

Father God, we lift up this great movement of change, now. These are your producers and we call them forth to rise up into the fullness of who they are and whose they are, in you. The hour is crucial and production has started. Luke 13:29-30 - Moreover, people from the East, the West, the North and the South will come to sit at the table in the Kingdom of God. And notice some who are last will be first, and some who are first will be last.

Patti Finney Compton

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