• Adam Becker

Voice of God on Dreams, Visions & Prophecy

Can One Rely on Dreams, Visions, Prophecy and the Voice of God.

We are to desire the gifts of the spirit and especially prophecy. The Bible says in the last days I will poor our my spirit on all flesh, it says your sons and daughters shall prophesy and your old men shall dream dreams. So in the last days people will be hearing from God through prophecy, dreams and visions.

We can also hear the Lord through that inner voice or some people and audible voice sometimes but mostly an inner voice. But are these things reliable? Can we always go by prophecy, dreams, visions and that voice? The truth is no. I have heard from the Lord for others many times. I have given thousands of accurate prophetic words. I have had dreams that revealed things to me about others and the future that was true that I couldn’t possibly have known many times. I have heard that voice and it was right many times. I have even gotten prophetic words from others that were accurate as well as had dreams where angels gave me direction and it was right, and they were real angels.

But I have also had dreams that were false, visions that were not accurate, heard a false voice and heard from false angels. Even given some prophetic words that weren’t accurate and heard prophetic words from others that were false from the very same people who before gave me accurate prophetic words. What I have learned is you can’t always go by dreams, visions, prophecy and that voice or angels. So what can you go by then? Well the Bible is always a go to thing, the Bible trumps everything but sometimes the Bible doesn’t tell you everything.

But I learned that you can rely on the Holy Spirits guidance and that inner witness or unction more than other spiritual things. That drive in a certain direction the spirit may take you can be very reliable. If you are born again you have the Holy spirit living on the inside of you and you can trust it. The Bible says when the spirt comes He will guide in into all truth. The spirit is to be our guide. I learned that I am to rely on the Holy Spirit more than dreams, visions, prophecy and that inner voice. There were times when I looked for a dream or God to do something big to confirm something for me but he didn’t. All I got was the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. And it was enough and more reliable than the other stuff. So desire prophecy, dream dreams and see visons. Seek the voice of the Lord but make sure you test them by the inner witness or leading of the Holy Spirit. Or you can be led astray.





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