• Johnny Enlow

The Exposing In America

Veteran respected journalist Charlie Rose has now been added to the ever-growing list. My head is almost spinning with all the daily exposures/firings/resignations of the "powerful" men in seemingly every area of society who have been exposed as serial sexual deviants. A tsunami of "ENOUGH" has come in and more waves of that are on the way. A shift has taken place and women are finally being valued and believed in an upgraded manner. A new cultural norm is forthcoming and this will be key for the next stages of societal reformation that we will be stepping into. The church is still behind in this shift in so many ways.

In the church women are still more often doubted or chided to stay quiet as it relates to predatory behavior- and this by even the women of the church. I will go ahead and be controversial and tell you that I believe the women who have spoken out on Roy Moore. Yes, I know there is a huge and corrupt political machinery that will do almost anything to take him out- but that doesn't mean he didn't do what women have come out and said he did. Multiple women don't just all agree to come out and lie. This dynamic I have seen played out multiple times.

25 years ago we (Elizabeth and I) were part of confronting the pastor of the fastest growing church in America at the time. We were in leadership at this church and came to have sworn affidavits from 10 women who had been sexually seduced/violated in some way by the senior pastors. We could not get local pastors to even listen to the case nor could we get national pastors to listen. At the time we were not well known enough to be "powerful" and so we watched massive injustice play out before us. Elizabeth became pregnant in those days with our second girl and she presently carries the name Justice Hope because our frustration at the lack of justice. How could woman after woman telling the same basic story just be not believed or worse ignored? It defied logic.

Nor was that the only time- as we were brought into several situations where someone "powerful" (i.e. a famous minister) was again getting away with being a sexual predator as the women were not believed. In about 40 years of being close to multiple of these situations, my experience is that in over 90% of the time the women were not lying. In the rare case where there is a lie or deception, they are usually the only accuser. When there are multiple accusers I have never seen the many be the liars.

What is taking place before us is essentially beheading many of the cultural icons of our day and it is creating an immense opportunity for a whole new caliber of leadership to arise. There is so much more hypocrisy yet to be exposed. For some reason many staunch anti-gay, anti-LGBTQ Republican politicians are themselves gay. More of that reality is about to be exposed. Many key leaders in government and in the church are actually the opposite of how they portray themselves. That will come out as well. There is massive Republican hypocrisy, massive Democrat hypocrisy, and also Christian hypocrisy. Especially anything that has been unjustly squelching the voice and rights of women- is going to be exposed. It is a new day where "Wonder Women" will no longer be hushed and ignored. Justice for women and their voice is a high priority for heaven right now. Women's voice, women's morality, and women's leadership is about to take us into a societal quantum shift that we desperately need.

Johnny Enlow

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