Look The Season Has Changed!

“A new cadence has formed in the heavens, and the sound of that cadence is beginning to invade the earth. Small or large, you must know that I will have an army that unites this hour. I must have an army that leads forth to cleanse the land. This army will rise up in My Spirit and prevent mounting evil from overtaking the earth. Hear My cadence in the heavens and begin to align yourself with the movement of this cadence. This is a shifting time, with the sound of heaven mobilizing the earth and My Kingdom people in a new way. I am handing out assignments and I’m sending down missions. You will know how to move with the sound of heaven when you receive what I’m sending to you. I will make sure all hear what I need to happen in the earth. This is a time of movement and it is now beginning in heaven. Watch and hear as it permeates you in the earth!”

New Models and New Movements Are Coming Forth! “I am creating new models. This is a year of creating prototypes and showing people how to come into My Kingdom. I am creating what you have not seen before, and what people have been looking for. This is a new time of creation, and what I set before you won’t look like it has looked in the past. Your sons and daughters will be drawn to what I put before you. This is the beginning of movements. This is the beginning of going deep. This is the beginning of rolling away one form and bringing in a new. This is the beginning of ruling in a way that even television will say, ‘We never could have captured what is going to be seen.’ This new move will sweep the roads of the earth and sweep through communities. I am creating new models. There has been a shift, and there will be no more delay. Now is the time to move into high gear and do what I have said to do. Finish what I said to finish, and move where I have said to move.”

Look! See! The Season Has Changed! “What you looked at and thought was the mountain will be the mountain no more. What you looked at and saw as ocean will be ocean no more. What you have held on to, to be removed and parted, will not be there in days ahead. Look and see how I have changed things, because change is before you. Don’t fight the old battle of the wilderness, but come and see the victory of the promise. Deal with each giant fresh and anew, because what you thought was a giant is a giant no longer. Awaken, and you will see and hear a sound that your heart has longed for, but your brain has been unable to receive. There was a crackling in the old sound, but I am bringing forth a clear sound that you cannot mistake for a tinkling cymbal. Get ready, because what once was … is no more, and what is … has now become new. How you receive and embrace this new move will depend on your relationship with My Spirit. I am arising from My Throne. I am walking roads and pathways in the heavenlies and yet in the earth. I am rejoicing over My Bride. I am creating and expanding new pathways. I am singing over My people throughout the earth. I am creating and releasing My new motivation and inspiration! Breathe Me in and you will be filled for the season ahead.” (Chuck D. Pierce, Keith Pierce, Bea Johnson, Virginia Grace Green)

Chuck D. Pierce




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