Which Season Is Your Soul In

Which season is your soul in?

Whether we recognize it or not, every single person has some kind of relationship with God - anywhere from the belief that He doesn't exist at all to an authentic daily interaction with Him. I'm not talking about a relationship with your religion or even your faith, but a relationship with God Himself who, if He exists, surely is bigger than our religions and man-made, even well-intentioned agendas. And like all relationships in our lives, our relationship with God goes through seasons. When we don't know what season our soul is in with Him we can easily get stuck, misjudge Him or ourselves, and fall into fears, lies, and temptations that are unique to each distinct season. If you'd like to know what season you're in, just take this short quiz and then consider ordering my new book, God in Every Season, to learn more about how to embrace exactly where you are so that you can move forward with clarity and focus. I wrote it just for you and if you don't think so after you read it, I'll refund your money. :)

Instructions for the quiz: Answer each question from your heart or soul — from your feelings that may be just below the surface. Answer honestly from the mentality you have perhaps before you get your attitude right — the way you’d answer before you’ve chosen to see from a healthier perspective on things.

Focus on the overall and most difficult pressure points of your life at this time. Remember, there are no wrong answers. Keep in mind that you can be in any season at any age. This is NOT necessarily a reflection of the season of life you are in (for example: parenting, empty-nest, or senior citizen), but rather a reflection of the season of your soul. You'll receive your results immediately after the final question.

No matter what season you may be in, remember you are never alone!

Cheering for you,

Elizabeth Enlow

Contact: Contact@JohnnyandElizabeth.com www.JohnnyandElizabeth.com

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