The Angel "Reformer " To Strike The Earth

The Angelic Reformation will come in the Next Few Months Says The Lord. As I sat alone in my quiet corner, I begin to ponder about the reformation of Martin Luther. The courage that this man had a determination in his soul and spirit to see the spirit of the living God awaken the suppressed believer.

As my mind became captivated by the very thought of reformation, I began to get a prophetic word. I saw an angelic being very male looking huge at least 30 feet tall maybe more. He was standing with a sword in his right hand and a white (surrender) flag in his left. He said his name is the "Reformer". Then I heard him speak precisely as if the sound of his voice was carrying across many waters. Yet he was not GOD. But, I knew in an instant, he was an Angel of The Lord.

I realized that the oceans were listening to the sound of the voice of this Angel. All of creation was responding. He is high ranking Arc- Angel. I sat very still. Still looking with my spirit when the vision had an interruption, I saw a bird fly past this massive angel. The bird had the face of the dove yet powerful like an eagle. He swooped past this huge Ark Angel called Reformer. The angel bowed in reference All of creation began to respond in reverence as well.

My heart began to pound I thought it was going to burst out of my body. The angel began to move swiftly Yet,it did not touch the ground. The sword, however, was turned upside down toward the earth and suddenly he shoved it into the ground.

Everywhere the sword touched in the earth, EVERYTHING became green and full of life. Flowers that never bloomed before began to bloom. Life had emerged where there has been none. The look was Majestically Spectacular! Then, the Angel spoke very clearly into the atmosphere. I began to understand the sound. He began to state his unique purpose here in the below. "The church will be reformed it’s going into reform school mode... The Presbyterian Church is going to have a visitation. Many in the Catholic Church will begin to cry out no, no we want the ways of the Word. Yes, These two Denominations will be to start a movement I have been assigned to do my part said the Angel. This time the Angel was looking at me as he spoke. And I began to tremble.

Then...I had another vision... I began to see leadership from all different denominations begin to come together and cry out for our maker "Almighty- Almighty come teach us your ways. For they Are better than ours. (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Still, encaptured by the vision that was being played out before me I began to weep "Could this possibly happen Your Majesty? I asked. Is this real God? Will their really be a coming together? Will we cry out together?" I could feel the tears coming down my face, red-hot tears. The angel moved. He had heard my cry... As his time had passed yet, I could still feel him lingering. Suddenly oh so suddenly that Presence that I love... The Holy Spirit began to touch my back. I became very still, and Holy Spirit the divine one of God began to speak to me. By this time I was undone by what I had just seen. Holy Spirit said Theresa write this write this clearly tell the people the revival they long for will be a reformation of what was, what is, and what is yet to come. I am paying a visit to Denominational Hierarchy, and there will be a shift. There will be a crying aloud and sparing not (Isaiah 58:1) There will be a driving out of the demons out of our Fathers House. (Mark 1:39) There will be altar calls for the church to return to their first love. (Revelation 2: 4) There will be children once again turning to the house of the Lord and finding joy. For the end is not yet. I’ve told you this before. Now go tell my people to call upon my name ( JESUS) while I am near ( ISA 55:6).

I have sent help His name is Reformer he has been sent by me and will come and strike the earth within the next six months, and the church will begin to cry out together, and families will turn toward me.

I am bringing fresh Holy conviction to rescue my people. I am looking for people stand in the gap like Moses and Daniel and Joseph. I will find them. There will be a release of many held captive around the world for my sake. And, I will take captive the enemies of the cross. For many enemies will appear as if they have lost their minds and yet the end is not so.( 2nd Thess 2:11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie) Can you see this already beginning? I was asked. He continued to speak. "I'm asking you to tell them I’m giving the church fresh opportunity... Remember the earth is groaning and longing for the manifestation of our Fathers Sons.. MANIFEST ME SAYS THE LORD! Romans 8: 22. Now I say to you....There shall be a sign in the heavens it will be called "thundersnow" and my voice will be recognized, and you shall be assigned to my people, and say I am on the move saith the Lord. May God Bless us all and Obey the Lords Command I shall go forth and declare this Reformation OF THE CHURCH! Send that Angel Lord Send him Amen. The Kings Ambassador Dr. Theresa Phillips



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