From Benches To The Trenches

2 Kings 3:16 “And he said, Thus says the Lord: Make this [dry] brook bed full of trenches.” (AMPC)

The Lord has been speaking to me about trenches recently and I have been intently listening for his message. I hear “Stay off the bench and get back into the trench!” Holy Spirit has impressed upon me that many are weary and tired of the intense battles they are going through. Some have retreated and returned to the bench, feeling as though they are getting nowhere, so why bother… BUT be encouraged my dear friend for the Lord has seen you intently digging!

In 2 Kings chapter 3, it tells of King Moab’s rebellion against Israel. King Joram of Israel enlists the help of the King of Judah and the King of Edom for battle. The three kings commit to defeating Mesha, King of Moab. The direction of their journey takes them where there is no water or provision for their armies or their animals. In a spirit of defeat, King Joram complains, has the Lord brought us three kings together just so we can be delivered into the hand of our enemy, King Mesha? BUT GOD…

Now King Jehoshaphat calls for a prophet to deliver some hope and wisdom. Elisha is not happy as he despises King Joram, but he honors King Jehoshaphat and delivers the word of the Lord…. 2 Kings 3 16 And he said, Thus says the Lord: Make this [dry] brook bed full of trenches. 17 For thus says the Lord: You shall not see wind or rain, yet that ravine shall be filled with water so you, your cattle, and your beasts [of burden] may drink.18 This is but a light thing in the sight of the Lord. He will deliver the Moabites also into your hands.

According to the word of the Lord, not only does the Lord provide wells of water for the three kings, but he delivers the Moabites into their hands as well! Friends your digging has not been in vain! I see many in the spirit, who feel as though they are digging with a tablespoon and saying “when Lord, when?” The Lord is saying, “don’t retreat, get off that bench and go back to your trench!” I am sending you sharpened spades that will cut through the muck and mire of the enemies plans! Refocus and keep digging your trenches! You too will see wells of living water SPRING UP supernaturally, that cannot be capped. Just as in the days of Elisha, the Lord is our deliverer and his word does not fail. Happy digging, my friend!

Stacey Talbott


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