The Fragrance Of The King

In 2009, an angel visited Theresa Phillips. During this visitation, Theresa was given an impartation, yet she did not know it at the time. Soon after the visitation, Theresa gained the desire to make Holy Oils fit for a King.

Below is the story of the visitation of the angel that came to Theresa Phillips:

"I was in my husband's office in January 2009 ( still in the days of Christmas.) I was studying and watching a conference on the computer. Suddenly standing in the office doorway was a presence I was not familiar with. He stood there for a brief if to 'feel the atmosphere, pondering if it was OK to enter.' Then he swept in the room and stood in front of the desk and also in front of a love seat near the wall.

He was dressed in Blues Royal in color and amazing stature. His garments were filled with gold threads like flashing light. His shoes were curled up in the front and his hat was a turban of white gold and blue, the same blue as his garments. All of the colors were so vibrant...They were colors not of this realm, not even in the earth. It was living color!

His skin was alive with color more brilliant than amber. It was alive with vibrant flames. His eyes were piercing flashes of light. I was sitting in amazement when I heard the name 'Balthazar' the King of the Oil....

I looked it up and understood it was the name of one of the Magi that appeared to Jesus upon His birth....This King carried the Myrrh...The oil for Anointing, Preservation, and Kingship.

Within a short time, I was searching the Internet for oils. It was like I was on a quest. Then I found what I believed to be the "OIL of KINGS ". I purchased these oils, some quite costly. It has been worth the quest and price.

Then The Lord asked me to make an oil that would be fitting a in the Crowning of her Majesty the Queen. When she was crowned Queen, the moment was considered too Holy to film the anointing of the Queen with the prepared oil for her to reign. The Oil represents the Gift of Holy Spirit and the impartation of the Spiritual Gifts laid out in the Bible. Upon being anointed Queen, she would choose her most trusted spiritual adviser who would do the anointing... Throughout History Kings and Leaders have the spiritual leader of their choice across the world to pray for or anoint for service...Thy Kingdom Come. Thy will be done.

Upon obtaining these Oils, I have learned the importance of Kingship and Royalty ...The use of Oil is predominating in Coronations and In Consecrations Priests use oil to Anoint and to Burn.... OIL is life and life sustaining... It's value is rich and sought after.

I will not pour A Priestly oil as prescribed in the Bible because it was told NOT TO use the recipe in the bible.

I do however make sacred oil blends from Non-New age oils and from Holy Oils from Israel.

Exodus 30:25 Make these into a sacred anointing oil, a fragrant blend, the work of a perfumer. It will be the sacred anointing oil.

David was Anointed With Oil For Consecration Anointing and Kingship...

Women have been anointed as well.

The Queen of England ( also head of The Church ) Coronation also had an anointing oil prepared... this was considered too holy to film and the film was silenced during the time of her anointing.

She received this impartation of a Supernatural Blessing upon her of Her Reign

To be Divinely blessed by GOD...

When I received this mandate as part of my calling to Not only prepare an oil for the times He requires me to prepare it I was humbled and amazed ... for this was not in my wildest imagination to do. BUT I sincerely believe in the realms of Glory The Supernatural and The Ways of The King. One of my mandates is to prepare people to Enter "The Kings Presence"...

Each time I am summoned into the oil room to pour.... Often it has to do with what's on His mind Joy Glory Fire etc... and the oil seems to carry that Presence.

I love to do this as part of the Ministry of The King I am called to

It's called, "Royal Scents A Kings Oil" for a reason its the Scent of The King.

It's the scents of Esther and it is Royally Holy

The oil has been in the hands of several Royals and Key leaders each one has its own Presence for a certain time ... A Place or Event.

I am completely honored when commissioned for this To pour is to have Heaven Come down and touch once again


I was hosting a Women Glory meeting when a guest speaker and I began to recognize something was happening

In the corner of the building, a presence had entered.

I looked up and saw this presence hovering over the crowd

The woman who was on the platform began to recognize the realm had shifted and asked everyone in the room to be silent Lay down sit down BUT TO BE VERY STILL

Everyone did just that total silence.

unbeknownst to us It began to rain in the room ... Ruby dust the dust was beautiful and covered the floor and everyone in the room!

I had before the meetings purchased a new olive oil bottle in case any minister needed oil to anoint people with oil as I did for every meeting.

After this awesome presence had entered we noticed the oil in the half full bottle had been transformed into a beautiful fragrance.. something I had never encountered before.

That bottle was placed upon my shelf in the oil room

2 months later we had another meeting ...The room became charged with the same feeing that happened before also the same feeling I had in the office Could this have been the same presence? One could only speculate.

One of our guest speakers began to use the oil I had purchased( olive oil ) until it was used up.

We did not know what was about to happen.

He took the empty bottle and placed it up on top of a speaker ..EMPTY.

The front row was filled with guest speakers of ministers. The Presence has entered again. All of us simultaneously fell to the right, and as we did the empty bottle of olive oil filled to half full. We all saw it happen. And we began to shout a huge shout.

We used that oil thru out the meetings and it never emptied.

I took that bottle home as well.

One day that presence entered into our home again and said to me Pour the two bottles together. I did. I have used that very same bottle of oil ever since anointing 1000s of people with that oil.

It's the oil of Kings.

When I do make a pour of oil I always put some of that oil in the pour. The Bottle Continues to fill. Many have seen it fill.

I believe he Glory is for all not just one.

I am just stewarding my part and I am thankful to GOD for sharing this with me.

Thank you for reading this part of my incredible journey in my walk.

Theresa Phillips

The Oil I share in meetings is the same oil that came in meetings .... It's in each bottle never running out ... for such a time as this

I have used this oil for 6 years the same bottle everywhere we go and we see it blessing others all along the way. Again it's an honor to steward this Presence ...

We do pours for Ministry, Events and Presentations We do this because He wants us to Expand His Royal Realm with the world NOW in 17 countries and all across the nation Royal Scents A Kings Oil is available to you! soon we will be releasing The Holiday Oil and you will enjoy that ...

You may order oil here We now have a special on this Oil for a limited time only ...

It's the Time of The King... and it's FOR YOU

New Oil

Carry Fruitfulness



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