Awakening The Dawn & Rising Up

At the beginning of the year, I had a vision of an army of righteous women arising to the call of heaven to align their hearts with the heartbeat of their King for this unique and turbulent hour in history. I saw them standing together, weeping together and calling on heaven together, establishing truth and justice in righteousness. Just two weeks ago, I was standing in the midst of the beginning of that vision as I stood in a downpour of rain on the muddy lawn in D.C on the Washington Mall with thousands of other women. It has taken me days now to process and find the language to accurately describe what I witnessed and felt in my spirit, and still, I feel my words will fall short of what took place in the heavenly realm.

On our arrival into Washington D.C, I was speaking with one of our Uber drivers and I was asking her what the city was like during the inauguration at the beginning of the year, her reply took me off guard. She told me about the Women’s March that took place the day after the inauguration and how there were so many women that descended on the city that it caused a lot of chaos. She then told me how such large volumes of women using their mobile phones all at once caused the communication networks to crash because they could not handle the capacity and the whole city was disconnected. Immediately, I heard the Holy Spirits voice loud and strong, “That’s what I have called my daughters to do, but in righteousness. I am gathering my daughters together as one and you will together crash the communication networks of hell all across the earth. I am commissioning you, my daughters, from every nation, from this moment forth; to destroy and bring chaos to the works of darkness.” His words were so thick with a strong manifested sense of His presence that I began to weep right there in the car.

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As I walked onto the National Mall on the morning of The Call; Rise Up, the atmosphere was thick and pregnant and the women had a fiery determination in their eyes. There was an expectancy in the air that can only be described as the onset of labor, it felt as though there was a giant bubble of Glory just waiting to burst. The rain was pouring, the humidity was high, but both women and men were engaged with heaven, eyes locked with their King, hearts partaking together in the sweet presence of Holy Spirit who was moving in a unique way. He was moving with determination and He was responding to the cries of His daughters, and as the day moved on, His presence only further increased more intensely.

With the Capitol building standing tall in front of us, each of the speakers and worship leaders led the crowd through intercession that again felt like birthing, it was hours of ongoing intercession as we prayed through various issues facing America at this very moment. In fact, at one point, Lou Engle instructed everyone to get down into birth positions as a prophetic act. What may sound bizarre was a powerful prophetic action as you could literally feel the atmosphere shift. I remember when I was in labor with my daughter Sophie, there came a time of transition, where you move from active labour into getting ready to push for delivery, it was at this time that I remember animalistic type noises coming out of me that shocked me, yet there was nothing I could do to control it, there was a roar that emerged as I birthed. In that moment on the lawn, that is what it felt like, a transition from active labor into delivery and a mighty roar came out from the women. This transition period lasted for a while as women all over the lawn responded to what the Holy Spirit was birthing through them and you could hear the birth pangs and wails as they pressed into heaven and the Father moved through them in power.



Praying for the end of abortion.






There were even times of pain, much like labour, and for me I felt that most intensely as Cindy Jacobs knelt before Martin Luther Kings Granddaughter, Alveda King, and asked for forgiveness on behalf of white people from both now and generations past, for the callousness, slavery and racial divide towards the African American Community. All over the lawn, we encircled our African American sisters and asked for their forgiveness, and even now as I write this, I can feel the intense emotion of that moment. It was painful, it was intense, and a healing was birthed through it.

Women, black and white together, were embracing each other, praying for each other and crying on each other's shoulders as they knelt alongside each other in the mud. The very sweet presence of the Holy Spirit moved in such a way in that moment as I have never seen before and I saw in my spirit that walls were being torn down. Another intensely powerful moment was when we prayed over abortion in the United States. I deeply admire that Lou Engle and the many others leading us through intercession that day were not afraid to confront this, in love, head on. You see, the Father takes this issue very seriously. How can we expect change for our nations if we will not first stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves? And that starts with the least among us, our unborn children, the ones literally without a voice.

To backtrack just a little, two days before the Rise Up event, we were invited by some beautiful friends to tour the U.S Capitol building, and as an Australian, I cannot begin to describe to you the sense of awe and reverence I felt as I walked through those heritage-rich hallways and passage-ways. Imprints of the hand of God were etched all throughout the building through scriptures, prophetic signs, and artwork… all I could see everywhere we turned was God’s hand evidently and intricately woven into the history of America, and all I could do was cry in amazement. One of those prophetic signs that stood out to me everywhere were the ears of corn, which in scripture is symbolic of HARVEST. (You can read my prophetic word about this corn ‘IT IS TIME FOR HARVEST’ HERE... it aligns with what I write about below.).

Backtracking just a little more (I promise you, I am taking you somewhere…) Prior to that visit, on the evening of the 5th October, we stood on the steps of the U.S Supreme Court. For seven years I have longed to stand there and pray for the overturning of abortion and so in the lead up to this trip, I knew praying there would be significant, but I spent weeks in seeking the Holy Spirit as to how. It felt as though there were so many alignments over this particular time to be in Washington D.C for both Awaken the Dawn and the Call’s, Rise Up and one of those alignments was that the dates aligned with the Jewish festival for the Feast of Tabernacles. The significance and timing of this alone was phenomenal, worship was brought directly into the very foundations of America during Awaken the Dawn, as 'tent city' or 50 'tabernacles', one representing each state were erected on the National Mall with 24-hour worship covering the three days. As we would approach the National Mall over these three days, all you could hear was Jesus being magnified and glorified... we could literally hear His name ringing out and echoing across D.C and there was a thick sense of His presence all across the city. Even strangers we would meet on the street were asking us what was happening, for they too, recognized something had shifted, something unusual was taking place that they did not have language for.

The way God works His timing is beyond comprehension. So as we were preparing for this trip the Holy Spirit highlighted Psalm 81 to me. It is titled ‘For the Feast of Tabernacles’ and underneath the title is written; ‘set to the melody of “FOR THE FEAST OF HARVEST”. I would not realize the weighty significance of this melody title until later. Psalm 81:3-5 (TPT) says; ‘Let the celebration begin! I will sing with drum accompaniment and with the sweet sound of the harp and guitar strumming. Go ahead! Blow the jubilee trumpet to begin the feast! Blow it BEFORE every joyous celebration and festival. For God has given us these seasons of joy, days that He decreed for us to celebrate and rejoice.’ In the footnotes of TPT, it states for v.3 ‘on the day of the new moon and the day of the full moon.’ I instantly knew in my spirit, we needed to blow my shofar on the steps of the Supreme Court as a declaration for a new season over America and justice for the unborn and I knew we needed to do it on the day of the new moon. I was unfamiliar with what a new moon represents in the bible so I did my research.

I previously associated the new moon for witches covents and ‘new age’ movements but I found that God often used the new moon as a sign of a new season. The enemy will always use God’s prophetic symbols as a counterfeit for his own evil workings, so I knew this timing was symbolic. I was amazed of course when I looked up the dates of the new moon and found that it fell on the very next day after we arrived in Washington D.C; Wednesday the 5th of October 2017 which was also the day before Awaken the Dawn.

We stood on the steps of the Supreme Court with other radical intercessors and prayed for America, we prayed for justice for the unborn and all I can tell you is that a wave of joy swept over us all… my daughters began singing and dancing on the steps there and in my spirit, I heard the Holy Spirit’s whisper, “Charlotte is to blow the shofar.” As she blew the shofar, I felt in my spirit, something break. In my heart, I heard this scripture: Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power. Psalm 145:4. I previously had a vision of the Supreme Court splitting in two as we blew the shofar, and I saw in this vision a scroll emerging from its foundations and disintegrating before our eyes. Written on the scroll were the words, ‘Roe V. Wade’. What I was unaware of at the time, was that the new moon that evening of the 5th of October, was in fact, a rare occurrence called ‘The Harvest Moon.’ When I heard this, I immediately looked back at Psalm 81 and suddenly that melody title jumped out at me, “For the Feast of Harvest.”

Again, I can't describe what took place adequately with words, all I know is that demonic foundations and strongholds were shaken and broken supernaturally. What amazed me was we weren't quite fully aware of what we were doing; blowing the jubilee trumpet to begin the feast... or, heralding in a time of harvest.

Now, I am not saying that we alone heralded the trumpet for the feast of harvest, but what I am saying is that the culminated cries of COUNTLESS men and women that flooded D.C that weekend, and those who joined in from across the earth, the alignment of so many prophetic occurrences, and the joining together as one at these two events of Awaken the Dawn and Rise Up, did. I firmly believe in my spirit that a celebration has BEGUN. I firmly believe that God orchestrated and aligned these events for SUCH A TIME AS THIS... and they were the BEGINNING of what is to COME.

As I both participated and watched this all unfolding, the Holy Spirit reminded me once more what He revealed to me in the car with the Uber driver… strongholds are breaking, we are interrupting the communication lines of hell, wreaking chaos upon the plans of the enemy for the nation of America and the nations beyond. We are standing in a historic place making history in the halls and courts of heaven, calling for redemption, mercy and grace and heaven is colliding with our cries.

We, as the Bride of Jesus, are awaking. We are awakening to our purposes in this urgent time in history, and we are standing up as ONE to DECREE that NOW is the TIME for HARVEST… NOW is the TIME for JUSTICE… NOW is the TIME for ALL to see our beautiful JESUS and to be known by Him. And they will see Him THROUGH you… so do NOT hold back your voice, you carry a unique aspect of His personality that MUST be released and NOW is YOUR TIME to RISE UP!!! Now is the time to Awaken the Dawn and pierce the darkness with His beautiful light.

Christy Johnston



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