• Nancy Slocum

Triple Grace

Yes! 555 – This is a time of triple grace. These next three years is a time of unprecedented favor so press forward, My children, for I Am your Breaker Anointing. I am going before you to make a way for you.

This is a brand New Year – 5778. It is a time of great new beginnings so lift up your heads, oh ye gates. The King of glory is coming through. Go through the gates before you. It is your time to possess the gates of the cities, byways, and highways. I have appointed and anointed you to be the gatekeepers and to topple the plans of the enemy. You are well able and I am backing you up and sending My host to go with you and to reinforce you and cause you to take territory for My kingdom’s sake.

There has been a great shift in the atmosphere, a clearing of the way ahead. A momentum is building in this New Year. I did indeed visit Richmond, VA. at the 50th Aglow Anniversary Global Conference for this is the Year of Jubilee and I Am your Jubilee and I am setting the captives free. The tide is turning for My people. Something was deposited in Richmond, VA, a city with a rich heritage.

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I chose this city and brought the people from all over the globe to set foot on its ground and bless it with their presence, prayers, worship, and declarations. And oh, that unified sound that was released from your hearts and mouths was music to My ears! That sound was a sound I elicited from you and took notice of. My corporate body became my personal shofar in the earth to make a sound from heaven that commanded My blessing.

I was releasing a signal in the earth to shake the ground and wake My people and to put the enemy, principalities, and powers on notice that a shift has taken place and marked the beginning of a new era.

The Lion of Judah roared in Richmond, VA. Chains were broken. Captives set free and a new sound from heaven was released in the earth. Dry bones are coming to life and an army is rising up for my plans and purposes in the earth.

555 – A time of triple grace. These next three years are significant to my global harvest. Be expectant, be vigilant, and be bold to take territory for My kingdom. Now is the time of action and for pressing forward to gather in the harvest for it is great.

Do your part in my body. Now more than ever I am requiring of you to take more time than usual to seek My face and enquire of Me what I would have you do individually in your spheres of influence. Each part is absolutely vital, significant, and needed to make the difference. Come away, Beloved. Come to Me and receive your daily marching orders. I will download keys, plans, and strategies for you to take territory for My Kingdom. I am counting on you. I am with you and for you. I love you and I bless you.

This is a new day and a new era. I have entrusted you with much so just know I have all of heaven and My host backing you up. Go forward in faith from a place of victory. Just like I sent Joshua and My people, I send you and tell you to be bold and courageous, and be of good cheer for I am with you. The stakes are high but the reward and harvest is great. You are well able and we will do this together. Thank you, My children, My Warrior Bride. Come. Let’s gather the spoils. Stick with Me, for you shall recover all for I Am God Almighty and I am faithful to keep My Word.

Love in Jesus,

Nancy Slocum

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