Supernatural Love

Supernatural Love

All the world is a living picture painted with a natural brush depicting the nature, character, and glory of its Creator, Almighty God. Every mature human being can know God by seeing and experiencing the design of creation. All creation is as a word from God of His nature, character, and glory. (Rom 1:20).

Human nature, as God designed it, and as Christ Jesus has redeemed it is to be a living image depicting the heart of God Almighty. Spirit God speaks or manifests in redeemed restored mankind and in all natural systems and existences of this world.

The powers of darkness working through fallen mankind seek to mar the painting of nature to distort the presentation of the nature, character, and glory of God.

The status of all creation is as a book reporting the state of being of that which is created in relation to the one true living God who created it and continues to sustain it. The world condition reflects the condition of the relationship between God and Man.

God is love. Specifically the primary and most important aspect of God Almighty is SUPERNATURAL INTENSELY PASSIONATE LOVE.

It is supernatural because it is beyond and above everything natural. God is Spirit. Therefore, love emanating from Him is Spirit Love that flows from Spirit God. God’s Spirit love is encountered in the human spirit as an unstoppable force that consumes our being, transforming us into the pure intensely passionate holy love of God.

The Drawing Power of Intensely Passionate Love, “Spirit Romance”

A perfect created natural picture of God’s intensely passionate love is natural romance between a young man and woman. When a young woman meets the young man of her dreams, she is drawn to him by a consuming power within. The same drawing power is felt within the young man. As soon as this intensely passionate drawing is discovered to be mutual, a natural force within them drives them to be together.

Their whole world begins to revolve around being with the one they so passionately love. When they are apart nothing can satisfy the deep longing that is tangibly felt within their heart, mind, soul, and body to be together. Nothing but holding the one they love tightly to their chest can satisfy the intense drawing of their natural intense passionate love. Their lives are consumed. They may not be able to eat and sleep or normally function because of the desperate intensely passionate longing in their hearts to be together.

In this natural relationship of God’s designed natural replica of Spirit reality, there will be a maturing into a lifetime of oneness of caring for one another as husband and wife and becoming father and mother to a family of loving children.

All this is a natural picture of what it means to be Spirit to spirit in love with God. The intensely passionate love relationship of meeting God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit is as completely life-consuming as a natural romantic relationship.

When our intense passion to know God is met by His even greater passion to be with us and to hold us close to His chest, we are consumed and forever changed. Our whole life revolves around Him. Everything else in life becomes dim and we may no longer fit into the fallen state of life we had lived in before.

Nothing matters as much as being with God in our intensely passionate love with Him. Our heart’s desire is to please Him, honor Him, to be His forever in the embrace of His presence. (Song of Solomon Chapters 1-8).

The pure love of the one who died for us melts our hearts. Our heart is melted together with His heart, and we become one forever. A Spirit family is formed and a world full of children are birthed and grow into mature sons and daughters of the intense passionate love of Almighty, All loving, God of All in us and us in Him. Thank You Jesus!

The World Changing Power of Love

The drawing power of Holy Spirit’s intensely passionate love will change this world. The love story of all time and creation is before us. (John 12:32).

It will no longer be hidden under a mountain of religious rules and humanly devised orders of sacrificial bondage to ungodly love thieves who usurp the place of God and intercept the love-searching seekers of God. (Mat 23:13) (Mat 21:13) (Acts 20:30).

The false veil of religious order is rent.

All will be able to connect directly with the passion of God within their own hearts into the family of God on earth and in heaven. The false veil of religious order is rent with the intense pure holy passionate love of God and man restored as husband and wife raising up mature sons and daughters of God glorifying the name of Jesus and Father God on earth as in heaven. (Eph 3:14-19).

Glory upon glory is born in the mature reality of becoming one with the love of our lives now and for eternity. There is no greater glory than becoming one with the one who loves us and made us to be one with Him now and forever. (Eph 5:30-32).

The Restored Painting of Natural Creation

The marred painting of natural world order distorted by the brush strokes of the enemy of God in man must be erased from the painting of natural world order. The original created picture must be restored in full vibrant colors of the glory of God.

Only mankind in Christ Jesus has the God-given authority to release the power of God and heaven to remove the evil brush strokes of darkness from the painting and restore the beautiful painting of God’s perfect order on earth. (Mat 28:18) (Gen 1:26-28).

This work is already completed in the Spirit. It is finished in Christ Jesus. In the Spirit, in Christ, we can now see and participate in this fully redeemed and restored order of the kingdom of God within us. Such bliss, such beauty, such peace, joy, and glory abiding with Him in the Spirit in heavenly places. (Eph 2:6) (Eph 1:3).

From this place in the Spirit, we can see what God is doing and hear what He is saying. His perfectly clear plan is to bring forth the reality of His original created order for all of Planet Earth. This is that which God is doing. He is saying that He has given us authority to bring forth the finished work to restore the earth.

God’s perfect world order of His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven is in our hands. The brush is in our hands to release from the powers of heaven the cleansing of the darkness that mars the painting and repaint the vibrant colors of heaven on earth.

All the power of heaven and all of the army of God’s angels led by Christ Jesus with ultimate love, power, and wisdom of heaven awaits our awakening to make the request to heaven for the release of heaven’s power. The released power of heaven will work with us and for us in dissolving all the elements of darkness and evil from our world and restoring the painting to the reality of the perfect order of the kingdom of God.

The culmination of all world history of God and man on Planet Earth has come upon us. The life and death works of all God’s people before us now culminates in the season and times that have now come upon us. Literally the end of the world that was, is being replaced with the world from heaven now in this season. The extremes of this cannot be fully stated with mere words. The magnitude of that which God is doing must come upon us directly from God in heaven. His Spirit of His love must impart it into our hearts and souls.

Our hearts and souls are filled with the exploding power of God, because the season for redemption and restoration of this world has landed squarely upon us. Now today is the time of His coming upon us in this world to transfigure us into the collective Son of God and the Bride of Christ, to be the Spirit Family of Heaven on Earth. (Mat 12:48-50).

Life begins this day, this month, this year, this decade, century, and millennium. This is the time seen before the foundation of all things for the appearance of the intensely passionate love of God to manifest fully into creation. Heaven is my home, and the world is my foot stool, says Almighty God of all. (Acts 7:49).

Biblical Apocalyptic Cataclysmic Events

The extreme events to turn the hearts of wayward nations into the pure love or God have begun and will continue to intensify reducing more and more of the remaining people to the pure holy love of God. (Mat 24:4-14) (Rev 6:12-16) (Isaiah Ch 2).

Every extreme event will turn multitudes from their false gods and deranged lives to a desperate search for reality of life. The pure burning intensely passionate love of God will await them in the many mature sons and daughters of His love who are prepared and ready to receive them and release the healing power of the passionate love of God to them.

Christ in us is the hope and the healing of the world. The righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit in the midst of the shaking of all that can be shaken will shine forth the glory of God from the mountain of God to the entire world. (Col 1:27) (Mal 4:2).

“Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; And all nations shall flow to it.” Isaiah 2:2.

The ecstasy of the intensely passionate love of God will consume the hearts of the people as He heals all wounds with an embrace of His life giving love.

Our goal is not long life in this world but to be and do all that he has for us in this time of the transfiguration of His people and the transformation of His world.

Ron McGatlin basileia@earthlink.netlease the healing power of the passionate love of God to them.

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