Manifesting Signs & Wonders

Manifesting Signs & Wonders

The Lord has been speaking to me personally here of late, about His signs and wonders beginning to manifest at an acceleration than what has been the norm for most of us.

In the past, I experienced a season of oil manifesting on the soles of my feet during times of worship. I've experienced gold and ruby dust upon the palms of my hands, as well as my arms and legs. I've had fillings in my teeth turn to gold. I've had a feather appear on two different occasions, and have seen and heard angels talking & singing.

Last week, during worship, prior to speaking at a conference, I felt a strong unction to go brush my hair. I thought it was quite strange that I would suddenly during worship feel the urge to stop and walk back to my chair to brush my hair, but since it was a rather strong unction within, I did so. It wasn't until after the fact that I realized even the manner I brushed my hair was different than what I normally would have. Normally, my stance while brushing my hair would be to basically place my arm behind my head and brush downward without turning my head or looking. This particular time, I later realized I automatically brushed it in a completely different form. I tilted my head to the side and made a long stroke down the entire length of my hair while watching the bottom part of my hair. When I did this, I thought I saw something sparkling, fall from the length of my hair. I brushed it again on the other side in the same form and this time intentionally watched. Yes, I did see something sparkly fall when I brushed it. I did this a couple more times, then in my excitement, I went over to my friend, and yes, I interrupted her worship, to show her. While brushing my hair, I asked, "Do you see that?" Yes!! Yes, she saw it too. In fact, she cupped her hands beneath my hair and caught gold dust in her hands. I then went to one of the other women who was ministering at the conference and showed her. I felt like a kid at Christmas time. I had gold dust on my palms during worship at that time, but this was an entirely new experience for me.

A bit later I went into the bathroom so I could get a look at my hair, and surprisingly enough, I couldn't see the gold dust in it at all by looking directly at my hair. It fell when I brushed it, but was not visible looking directly at it.

That took place on a Thursday prior to me speaking at the conference. On Wednesday afternoon the Holy Spirit told me, "We are at the brink of a greater awakening then what this generation has ever known. Because of this awakening, manifestations of the spiritual realm will begin to happen more frequently in the days to come and at a greater depth than what many may have ever experienced to this present time."

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On the following Sunday, after shopping and dining out, when we returned home I looked in the mirror and thought I saw something sparkle in my hair. I took a closer look and once again, I had gold dust appearing in my hair. This time it wasn't falling out as before, but was actually visibly appearing. Of course, I was excited and asked my husband to verify he was seeing it too. On this occasion I was able to see it directly, as well as lift my hair in sections and see it throughout the layers of my hair. During this manifestation not only gold dust was appearing but also a blue, which I assume was sapphire dust.

God is fun! He's exciting and loves to share the treasures of His kingdom with us. Why not? If you owned everything imaginable wouldn't you take great joy in blessing your children with gifts that you know would cause them to squeal with excitement and wonder?! Of course you would. Our Father God owns every treasure there is to have, and He delights in sharing them and surprising us with signs and wonders every now and then. When we receive these gifts of the signs and wonders, it's alright and in fact, it's GOOD to share the delight in receiving them. Be childlike! Have fun with them and let the Lord know how excited you are to have encountered His heavenly treasures.

One final note, don't seek after the signs & wonders, rather seek after a full relationship with the One who owns all the heavenly treasures and you'll find your greatest love and fulfillment imaginable and as you abide in His presence, the signs and wonders will follow you.

Abundant Blessings,

Taffie Beisecker



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