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This past Monday (July 15th) I was on a prayer call and as we prayed in the spirit I was shown a profound vision.

In this vision I saw thousands of people sitting on a fence that was dividing America. The fence represented divisions about “what is evil and what is good.” Those who were sitting on the fence did not know where they should stand, what they should believe or stand for, nor how they should vote this November. Many (not all) on this fence were between the ages of 18 and 40.

As I saw the thousands upon thousands on the fence, I suddenly heard eight shots ring out and I remembered that eight shots were fired at the July 13th rally where an assassination attempt against our former president occurred.

When I heard the sound of the eighth and final shot, suddenly a very large number of the people on the fence fell backwards and landed in the arms of people on their knees who were praying for our nation and praying for those who were being deceived by calling good evil and evil good.

In the vision, just prior to hearing the shots, I saw the word “evil” directly in front of those on the fence but it was spelled “evol.” Behind them was the word “love.” I then realized that the way evil was spelled (evol) was love backwards. The true evil was a twisting of God’s agape love, turning it to appear evil and leaving many confused and divided. Much of the younger generation was off balance because they didn’t know what to stand for or what to live for. But love was behind them and it was about to catch many of them.

Then I heard these words, “No greater love than when a man lays down his life for his friends.”

The revelation of Jesus’ love for the world and how he gave his all for it is about to come to those in the valley of decision or “on the fence of division.”

I don’t know what it is about this tragic event that took place in Pennsylvania that will trigger this spiritual awakening (it may just be God’s timing) but somehow it has triggered something in the spirit for those undecided people (undecided about what is evil and what is good). Suddenly they will be shot by truth— they will know that what they were told was good by the world—the media, educational systems, government, and even friends—and the “woke” was actually backwards and evil. The twisting of truth put them into a deceptive slumber where they could not make a sound decision or find their own beliefs. They feel double-minded and unsure about everything.

What happens to them will so shock them that they will fall backwards right into the arms of men and women who have been on their knees in prayer for them. They will fall back into the arms of love.

Whether this is happening already, or if the eight shots represent something else, I do not know at this time. But eight is the biblical number for new beginnings. I sense that the eight shots could represent something other than the bullets shot at the rally (maybe the eighth month?).

God is moving and those in the valley of decision or who are on the fence that divides our nation due to definitions of “good and evil” (love and evol).

We need to be on our knees praying for our citizens— especially those from ages 18-40. Pray at the divide— do not judge but intercede from a posture of love. Those on the fence have their faces turned toward the agenda that twists God’s love and ways, calling it evil; but love is behind them and the power of prayer is backing them up and interceding for them.


I did also feel that our former president will have an ongoing God-encounter as he comes to terms with the fact that God is intimately watching over him and has angelic security over his life. Biblically those who have become bond-servants receive a hole through their ear and Aaron and his sons were consecrated by the placing of blood on the right ear in Exodus 29. No matter where you stand politically, let us pray for him to truly become a bond-servant of the Lord and to be consecrated unto the Lord and his service.

God is on the move in America— and what happens here will go forth into every tribe and nation.

Kathi Pelton


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